Go Figue is a new Children's book full of images aimed at developing a child's creativity. The artwork was created by Dennis Young from the Legendary '80s band Liquid Liquid.

There is a strong relationship between the music and the art that Dennis Young creates. Both rely heavily on spontaneity and rhythm. His work draws inspiration from a wide range of painters from Picasso and Van Gogh to Pollack and Jasper Johns. It is exciting to see Dennis now bringing his work to a younger audience.

- Scott Harris (Blast Gallery)

“Go Figure” is the first in a series of Children's E-books. The unique characters on all 20 pages invite kids to use their imagination to create a storyline each time they look thru the pages. Grown-ups are encouraged to join in the fun. So, grab your kids and “Go Figure”!

Get your copy electronically for $2.99.